From the «Buenos Aires Assembly NOT to Mine» we formally and publicly announce the project, which consists in the realization of a compact disc (CD), whose main purpose is to disseminate and raise awareness of the problems related to pollution, expropriation, plunder and violation of human rights, which produces underground metal mining, open pit, nuclear, radioactive, and all kinds of mining pollution in towns and communities.

By Asamblea Buenos Aires NO A LA MINA

23/04/2012. To do this, the idea is that the disc contains musical works of both renowned artists of national and international, as well as those who belong to or represent the areas most affected by or involved in the fight against this scourge of mining and its devastating consequences . The disc will contain stories and personalities and related words from around the world and representatives of peoples, civilizations, communities, affected and displaced by mining companies to testify through their voices in stories, manifestos, news, poetry or indigenous songs.

Many artists and personalities who have expressed interest in supporting and participating in this project, and even some that have already provided the material for the album, and who have undertaken to do. Propose the final date of delivery of material on August 15, 2012. Since the end we intend to present the album of the year.

Among these is the involvement of Manu Chao (tireless banner of spreading this case) who has advised on several issues concerning the project.

They have also paid great contribution luminaries such as Eduardo Galeano and Adolfo Perez Esquivel, who have kindly recorded phrases and exclusive footage will be integrated with the musical content of the disc.

We have the collaboration of 300 Productions to perform and realize this project that we need and that makes direct action to reach citizens, to continue the difficult task of raising awareness about an issue that affects us all.

It should be noted, first, that all these artists who have offered their cooperation, we have asked within the possibilities, which, for greater impact of the work, provide material or unreleased tracks and somehow addressing the issue mining. And, on the other, that this album will be distributed for FREE over the Internet with optional counting donations, but also have a physical format.

All those interested in collaborating or more details can contact us by mail

We salute and thank you.

Asamblea buenos aires no a la mina

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